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 2009 MEBCC Vintage Rally
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Stationary Engines always have a good display and here is a view of the engine line. (including a sheep!)

Another view of the Stationary Engine line
A particularly fine unrestored Ruston
 Just a minor adjustment for this Wolsey WD
 A good selection of Military vehicles
were displayed including this very original Jeep
The brilliant weather brought out the crowds to enjoy the rally
 A really exceptional Model T Ford truck
There is always a fine display of tractors
and this Field Marshall drew a lot of interest.

Something to get the blood racing was this BSA Gold Star

If the BSA was not enough then what about the ultimate British motorcycle:- A Vincent Black Shadow 
The club welcomes collectors of any bygones and this collection produced much interest.
Another collection where the comments from the visitors generally started with "I remember those"
From Tobacco tins to puncture repair kits, this collection had it all
This collection of vintage radios, gramophones and televisions is owned by our President Paul Goodchild 
A wartime Bedford displaying in the ring
Also in the ring display a Bedford firepump